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WOIS Career Information WOIS & Electronic Portfolio WOIS, Portfolio & Career Explorer
100 or fewer FTE $350 $395 $570
101 to 350 FTE $545 $625 $810
351 to 650 FTE $890 $960 $1,200
651 or more FTE $1,300 $1,450 $1,755
Libraries $890 $960 $1,200
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Product Description

WOIS Career Information provides complete and current information on civilian and military careers, educational programs, and national colleges.


WOIS describes more than 600 careers. Each description has information about job duties, work requirements, wages and benefits, job outlook, training required, suggested high school courses, related careers, and more. Links to WOIS Educational Programs are included for seamless research.

Educational Programs

Detailed information on post-high school training programs. Each educational program has a description of the program, typical coursework, connections to related occupations, and links to the Washington and national schools that offer the program.


Descriptions of almost all the accredited postsecondary schools nationwide. Private career schools are included for many states. The information on each school includes tuition and fees, admission requirements, financial aid available, programs offered, who to contact for more information, and more.


Information about more than 200 military careers. Descriptions include training provided by the military and related civilian careers.


An assessment that helps identify careers that match your skills or those skills that you most want to use in your career.

Career Interest Areas

A 66 question activity that focuses on interests and identifies careers to explore.

Interest Profiler

A 180 item questionnaire that presents work activities. Users decide whether or not they would like to do the activity. Results are in the Holland Interest Areas. A list of careers by education level and a list of educational programs is provided for each Holland Interest Area.

Work Importance Locator

A tool that helps you learn more about your work values and allows you to see possible careers that complement your values.

School Search

School Search allows you to choose important factors for your post high school education, then see the schools that match your criteria.

School Comparison

Allows you to view information about multiple schools side-by-side.


Cross-reference WOIS career descriptions with other assessment tools you may already be using such as Holland SDS, Strong Interest Inventory, COPS, Dictionary of Occupational Titles, and O*Net.

Career Videos

Over 400 videos showing people working in their careers.

Real World Interviews

Links from career descriptions to over 140 interviews with people working in that career.