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100 or fewer FTE $800
101 to 300 FTE $1,100
301 to 650 FTE $1,500
651 or more FTE $2,400
This product is leased on an annual basis

Product Description

Washington Futures brings all the great WOIS tools to you in one neat package.

Washington Futures gives you everything you need for High School & Beyond Plans, Career & College Readiness, Advisories, and Career, Life Skills, and CTE Classes. You have access to:

WOIS Career, Educational Program, and College information

The most comprehensive career and educational planning information available in Washington State. WOIS provides detailed, complete, and annually-updated information on almost 600 careers. WOIS college information connects you with more than 5,000 colleges across the nation. The WOIS system delivers information about more colleges, with more accuracy, than any other system. The WOIS data is continually updated throughout the year.

WOIS Portfolio

Provides storage for:

The Portfolio also provides a review and tracking tool for teachers and administrators.


Sorts and Organizational Tools

Great Futures Curriculum for Middle Schools

Written at a 6th - 7th grade reading level, middle school resources provide the activities and understandings students need to be ready for the first major step in career and college readiness, the transition to high school.

Great Futures Curriculum for High School

Written at graduated reading levels, topically-driven high school resources integrate the essential tasks of career and college readiness with the critical skills of decision making, problem solving, goal setting, self-awareness, and personal responsibility leading to a comprehensive plan for achievement.