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Career Planner

Career Planner is the new WOIS interface that is beautiful and engaging! Easy to use and visually stunning, students will enjoy exploring their career and college options using Career Planner. Career Planner has all the great tools and information you are familiar with in classic WOIS. Three career assessments and Reality Check, plus all the detailed, current information about careers, postsecondary programs and schools.


CIS360 provides detailed, current information about more than 500 civilian careers, the educational programs that train people for those careers, and the schools that offer that training. CIS360 also provides information about military careers. All CIS360 components are linked together, allowing users to begin their research from any point and still wind up with all the information they need.

WOIS also offers career information for our younger customers. CIS360 Junior is a tool developed specifically for junior high and middle school students.

Tools for Exploration

CIS360 contains decision-making tools for users who are just beginning their career exploration:

Our Research

We concentrate our research to produce complete, up-to-date career information with both national data and specific information for Washington State.