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100 or fewer FTE $195 $165
101 to 300 FTE $250 $210
301 to 650 FTE $350 $290
651 or more FTE $450 $350
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Product Description

Limited time offer! High School & Beyond package for Middle Schools, Career Explorer and Great Futures Middle School Curriculum:

Whether you are looking for a curriculum for your advisories, elective classes, after-school programs, workshops, seminars, or other student support programs, Great Futures provides everything you need to deliver meaningful, engaging lessons. Great Futures lessons plans include slide shows to guide group discussion and visually instruct for lesson completion.

Great Futures lessons include:

Great Futures Curriculum for Middle Schools

Written at a 6th - 7th grade reading level, middle school resources provide the activities and understandings students need to be ready for the first major step in career and college readiness, the transition to high school.

Great Futures Curriculum for High School

Written at graduated reading levels, topically-driven high school resources integrate the essential tasks of career and college readiness with the critical skills of decision making, problem solving, goal setting, self-awareness, and personal responsibility leading to a comprehensive plan for achievement.