Products - Career Planner

Product Description

Career Planner is the new WOIS interface that is beautiful and engaging! Easy to use and visually stunning, students will enjoy exploring their career and college options using Career Planner. Career Planner has all the great tools and information you are familiar with in classic WOIS. Three career assessments and Reality Check, plus all the detailed, current information about careers, postsecondary programs and schools.

With Career Planner students can begin by taking a career assessment to identify careers that align with their interests.

When students see a career that sounds interesting, they "favorite" the career by clicking the heart next to the career title. This automatically saves the career to the student's portfolio.

Career descriptions start with a picture of someone working in the career and a quick overview of what a person does in the career.

Then students dig deeper to learn everything they need to know about the career, including the postsecondary training requirements.

From there students can explore the postsecondary programs and schools that will help them prepare for entry into the career.

The Career Planner portfolio is a convenient place to store everything students like from their exploration, and other information that will help them as they complete their High School and Beyond Plan, and apply to colleges and for scholarships and jobs.

Career Planner is also a part of the High School and Beyond Bundle. Learn more about this Bundle at (external link).