Career of the Month -- Automobile Mechanics
Sep 1, 2017

Over the summer I saw many "Help Wanted" signs for Auto Mechanics.  I also talked with one shop who said it is hard to find trained Mechanics.  I wonder why?  For people who like to be active and work with their hands, it's a great job!

Do you like to solve mysteries?  Do you have good analytical skills?  Do you want a job that keeps you active most of the day?  Do you like to fix things and use hand and power tools?  A career as an auto mechanic could be a good fit for you!

The average starting wage in Washington is $12.44 per hour or $25,870 per year.  After several years of experience you might make $21.04 per hour or $43,741 per year.  Master Mechanics can earn between $70,000 and $100,000 per year.

Most mechanics train through formal certificate or Associate degree programs.  Many community and technical colleges offer programs in Automotive Technology.  Check out the schools offering the programs here.