About WOIS

What is WOIS?

WOIS/The Career Information System is a private, nonprofit organization that researches and distributes information about careers, schools and training programs. We are located in Olympia, Washington, and have been serving our community of users for over 30 years.

Most of our products and services, including access to our on-line career information, are leased by our users on an annual basis.

Hundreds of thousands of students and job seekers benefit from our annually updated, detailed, and complete information, including:

What does WOIS stand for?

When the organization was started in 1974, we were a state agency, and WOIS stood for Washington Occupational Information Service. In the 1980s we became a private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and changed our name to WOIS/The Career Information System. We kept the "name" WOIS because that is what people knew us by.

Our Mission

With exceptional customer service we support career and educational decision making by providing high quality information, tools, and resources.