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Here is your free trial of the Goal Setting unit of Great Futures!

Whether you are looking for a curriculum for your advisories, elective classes, after-school programs, workshops, seminars, or other student support programs, Great Futures provides everything you need to deliver meaningful, engaging lessons. Great Futures lesson plans include slide shows to guide group discussion and visually instruct for lesson completion.

Curriculum Support

Each Great Futures unit comes with a Curriculum Map and alignment with the ASCA Standards. Here are the examples for the Goals Unit:

Lesson I: Defining and Achieving Goals

Students choose an area of their life to improve by setting goals, and write a draft of a short-term, school related goal. Students will be able to answer how people assign meaning to the things they choose to do, and determine in what ways people control their futures.

Lesson II: Drafting a Plan

Students will identify steps to reach a goal and define possible obstacles and solutions to reaching a goal. Students will learn how to set goals that are meaningful to them and will be able to identify the resources they need achieve their goals.

Lesson III: SMART Goals Workshop

Students will revise goals to meet SMART criteria. Students will learn how to identify when to adapt or modify a goal.

Lesson IV: Exploring Career Goals

Students will engage in online research to identify a career goal. They will write a goal map to achieve the career goal. Students will explore the relationships between interests, abilities, knowledge and goals. They will discover how a goal links today and the future.

Lesson V: Goals for Life

Students will review what they have learned about goal setting, will write a short-term academic goal, and develop a related goal map. Students will consider the aspects of their lives beyond career and academics and will set simple goals in one or more of these areas: family, physical, social, financial, and character/spi write a plan for improving in one or more classes and will also write a plan for setting goals in other areas of their life. Students will identify the areas of their life that benefit from goal setting and the attributes of effective goals.