Career of the Month -- Occupational Therapy Assistants
Mar 1, 2017

Occupational therapist assistants help people who have mental, physical, or developmental disabilities. They also help people who have injuries or illnesses. Their goal is to help patients develop or recover skills needed for daily living or work. Assistants also work with children with developmental delays.

They help evaluate patients' daily living skills so that occupational therapists can develop a treatment plan.

Assistants help patients with the activities and exercises listed in treatment plans. Activities may include:

An associate degree in Occupational Therapy Assisting is the best way to train for this career.  There are a number of community and technical colleges in Washington that offer this degree.

The average starting wage in Washington for Occupational Therapy Assistants is $22.27 per hour ($3,860 per month).  You could make more than $75,000 per year with experience.

This career is growing faster than average in most areas of the state.  Major employers include:

Occupational therapists' and other medical professionals' offices

Nursing homes and rehabilitation centers


Currently there are 78 job openings in Washington listed on US.Jobs