Careers of the Month -- Santa's Helpers
Dec 1, 2016

Happy Holidays from WOIS!  When we think of all of the workers that might help Santa get gifts together and ensure their safe, efficient delivery, we look to careers in the Transportation, Distribution and Logistics cluster.  Here are the helpers Santa may rely on:

1. Air Traffic Controllers -- to navigate his flight around the world

2. Aircraft Mechanics -- to keep his sleigh in working order

3. Automotive Electronics Installers -- to install the best stereo for his travelling tunes & an in-dash GPS

4. Freight Handlers -- to safely and quickly load and unload gifts

5. Packers and Packagers -- to prepare the gifts for safe travel

6. Storage and Transportation Managers -- to coordinate the storage, pickup and transport of gifts

7. Vehicle Cleaners -- to keep his sleigh clean and shiny

Can you think of other workers Santa might use?