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Get the Bundle! Career Planner, 4 Year Plans & Graduation Monitor Free!

Join me on this webinar to see the new High School and Beyond Plan Bundle developed by School Data Solutions and powered by WOIS.

The Bundle provides the most-loved WOIS tools in a visually appealing web design. With two career assessments, Reality Check, and all of the great career, educational program and college information, Career Planner provides the best High School and Beyond planning resources in an easy to use, fun interface. Then it adds Four Year Plans, a robust high school course planning tool. AND put all your data and risk indicators in one place to easily monitor your students' progress toward graduation.

The Bundle allows single-sign on and integration with your school's student information system. What more could you want!

Register for one of our 30 minute demos today. Login information will be provided several days prior to the webinar you choose.

We can't wait to show you this fantastic program!

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