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The Job Magnet System

This optional follow up to the DSAP training is for those who want to apply Dependable Strengths to helping their constituents find meaningful work or change careers. This session offers certification in the two-day Job Magnet System*. The Job Magnet System is the unique, non-traditional, Dependable Strengths approach to finding, getting, and keeping work you do well and enjoy doing. Over many years it has proven to be an effective alternative to the usual job finding methods. The training will include the Dependable Strengths approach to…

a) Strength-based job interviewing
b) Developing a job-search compaign
c) Entrepreneurship
d) Salary negotiations
e) How to get a raise or promotion
f) Job security
g) Coping with job tasks you don't like
h) Goal Setting
i) Career Management

The first day you will experience the Job Magnet for yourself to gain grounding and personal experience with the process. Then on day two, receive training and all materials needed to facilitate the Job Magnet with your clients/students.

Upon completion earn certification as a Level 1 - Job Magnet Facilitator

*Note: You will need to bring 6 copies of your completed Dependable Strengths Report.

Cost: $125 - Includes workshop materials, morning and afternoon refreshments and lunch each day.
Clock hours are available for this event.

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