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Use WOIS/The Career Information System to explore careers, create goals for your future, make educational plans to reach your goals, and find the training programs and the right schools to help you achieve your dreams.

Whether you are ready to find a job right now, or you want to make a plan for more education and future employment, WOIS has the exploration and planning tools for YOU!

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Take a Career Interest Survey. Don't know which careers to explore? A career interest survey is a great way to begin. It helps you see how your interests, skills or values fit with potential careers. You can also do a Reality Check to find careers that will support your future lifestyle.

Learn about Careers. Explore careers by reading our occupation descriptions. For each occupation you will discover the skills you would use in the occupation, wages you would make, if there will be jobs available in the future, and how to train for the occupation. At the end of the training information in each occupation you will see a link to the educational programs that would prepare you for the occupation. Follow this link to discover schools, in Washington or nationally that offer the educational program.

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